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Calibre Band Setup

The organiser must ensure that:

  1. Bulletthere is an unobstructed stage space of approximately 4 metres (12ft) x 3 metres (10ft) deep, available for the band to play on;

  2. If you would like to book Calibre for your special event, please contact
We have received reports that attempts have been made to copy this entire website, most recently on 1 April 2010 in San Diego, USA. Please take heed of the copyright notice below. 
website design copyright Steve Fernandes 2009 © there are a minimum of 2 mains outlets (preferably 4) available exclusively for the band.

  3. shapeimage_2_link_0if required to perform outdoors, e.g. for a garden party or festival, the stage area must have adequate cover and shielding from the elements.

Calibre carry their own instruments, amplification and PA system, however some organisers of larger events often hire additional amplification (PA) to accommodate the larger venue, multiple acts or cabaret artists. This information may be useful to the sound engineers with reference to microphone / DI placement and inputs required. As an organiser, you need not worry about the details, just pass this website address onto your chosen supplier and they will contact us if it is required. Alternatively, give us their details and we will contact them. We can also recommend suppliers we have worked with in the past.

If you would like to book Calibre for your special event, please contact
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