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Steve Fernandes & Dwina Murphy-Gibb

Steve Fernandes & Robin-John Gibb

Peter Andre & Steve Fernandes

Steve Fernandes & Bob Harris OBE

Steve Fernandes & Errol Reid

David Jensen, Steve Fernandes & Vicky Michelle MBE

Steve Fernandes at The Prebendal

Bob Harris

Isabel Suckling

Emily MacDonagh & Peter Andre

Joe Rodriguez

Bob Harris & Steve Fernandes

Dwina Murphy-Gibb & Susan George

Steve Fernandes & Elizabeth Richard

Dwina Murphy-Gibb

Peter Andre

And some photos of the beautiful Prebendal...

John Owen & Trevor D’Souza

Steve Fernandes & Joe Rodriguez

For Robin

This is my ‘1st cut’ version of my current favourite Bee Gees song - Run to Me

Peter Andre & Emily MacDonagh